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E R I N . R O B E R T S

Minimal Beige Artwork 30 x 40

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Erin began using limewash on canvas after falling in love with the soft texture and cozy atmosphere it created throughout her first travels to Copenhagen. It became the perfect backdrop for a simplified approach to the interiors – something more classic, timeless, and considered.

Atmospheric with a light handed touch, this soft beige and white limewash on plaster piece was created with a meditative approach, evoking feelings of tranquility and reflection. True to the nature of hand crafted items, each piece is unique with variations in color, texture and shape, similar to the one pictured.

Each piece is one of a kind and made to order with 10-14 week lead time, each unique piece has slight variations similar to the vase pictured. 

Size 30" x 40" x .5". Frame sold separately. 

Handmade in Brooklyn by Erin Roberts.